JOHNITO – love in motion by Julien Schoener

Again Eros struck me like a blacksmith wielding an enormous
hammer and bathed me in an ice cold torrent
(Anacreon – 582 BC – 485 BC)

In the 6th century B.C. the Ionian poet Anacreon described the impact of Eros as a powerful hammering of a blacksmith, which tempered the poet, made him passionately alive and finally plunged him into cold water, rendering him, like the metal, hardened by the experience.

After more than 2000 years, the effect of love on people’s lives has not changed that much. We are still chasing love, struggling for it, feeling younger in the process or alone like a worn-out shoe after we lose it. 
That’s the very same story of the short movie Johnito. A story of a guy looking for love that Julien Schoener, the film producer, spiced up with some moments of sparkling comicality.

There were no professional actors involved because Julien didn’t make any auditions. He picked up the actors according to his very instinct, in order to express through real people the poetry of his vision about love and life.

This movie is a rough gem, even though it needs refinement, it still shines and anticipate wondrous things to come by mr Schoener.

FanPage – Julien ArtFilms

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